Government Grant Review

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Grant Consultancy Services

DKP & Co has partnered with expert consultancy firm – Avant Group, a leading professional advisory company that specializes in the identification, application and management of government grants and funding programs.

To date, Avant Group has secured its clients $180+ million in grant funding across a variety of industries Australia-wide.

DKP & Co clients receive ongoing monitoring, and a regular update or catch up session on specialized services including:

Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)

Up to $770k available for businesses seeking to enter export markets, expand their presence in their current export markets, or make strategic shifts in their exporting business.

We will be asking you for a headline budget – what you want to use the money for and head into an onboarding call where we will interview you and key personnel to assist us in the preparation of your grant and work with you continuously on your grant application.

Research & Development Tax Incentive

Up to 43.5% refundable tax incentives for qualified research and development activities. The amount varies depending on the size of the business and annual turnover.

Work with a dedicated team of grant consultants for a hands-on approach to your grant application which includes: AusIndustry auditing management, application writing and administration, engineering, marketing, and finance advisory. Our team will work with your business every step of the way.

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Competitive Grants

Governments offer grant funding to assist businesses investing in major projects, capital infrastructure and industry sector growth initiatives.

Each year competitive grants award an estimated $500+ million in funding for businesses, however the application process can be time consuming and requires compelling business case development and financial analysis to increase success.

We work as a team with experienced government grant specialists who can write your application from start to finish – you maximise your chances of grant success in applying for grants, past grants include:

  • Federal Entrepreneurs Program – Accelerating Commercialisation, Growth Grants and more
  • Federal and State Regional Growth Grants
  • SA Future Jobs Fund
  • VIC Workforce Training Innovation Fund (WTIF)
  • VIC Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT) and Future Industries Manufacturing Program (FIMP)
  • VIC Boost Your Business Vouchers

Government Loans and Funding

Government loans differ from government grants because government loans are required to be paid back with an interest rate.

Government loans allow businesses to access finance when traditional sources have not been able to be secured and loans are government guaranteed.


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